Malawi Household Air Pollution and Tuberculosis Study

The HAP and TB study is a community based case-control study that examines the role of household air pollution as a risk factor for tuberculosis.  Our data collection involves a survey of women in the high density areas of Lilongwe.  The survey includes modules on fuel and cooking choices, knowledge about the risks of burning biomass and traditional cooking technologies, cooked and uncooked food consumption, health and nutritional outcomes for women and children under five, and socioeconomic and demographic variables.  We improve upon past studies on HAP and TB by collecting data on exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM2.5). The sample size for the study is 380 households, 1/5 of which are TB positive.

Research themes: Energy Poverty and Environment and Livelihoods

Research team: Pamela Jagger (UNC-CH), Irving Hoffman (UNC-CH), Sam Phiri (Lighthouse Project, Malawi), Government of Malawi Tuberculosis Program, Anna Gallerani (UNC-CH)

Funding: National Institutes of Health (NICHD and Fogarty International Center)

Duration: 2014-2020

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